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​An Intimate Gallery show to be held at 
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Sept 25. 2021 -9:30am to 11am – Early Bird Contact me if you would like to come Early
 open to public from 11am to 4pm- No Admission Charged

several of the artists will donate proceeds from one item to either  HAWS or Lucky Mutts Animal Rescue

Some of the Participating Artists 

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Martha Burch – Teddy Bears, Steampunk Jewelry, Halloween-

  Martha is a Wisconsin Artist who has been designing and making teddy bears, dogs, elephants and lots of other critters since 1984.
​Martha loves the creative challenge involved in designing an making new things and considers each piece to be special.
Recently Martha has started to make Steam Punk styled Jewelry and fun little mice.
​You will always find something unique at Martha's Table

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Pat Berkowitch: Teddy Bear Artist
  My love for sewing, arts and crafts has always been a large part of my life. So naturally, my drive for new challenges brought me into bear-making, under the name of 'Babcock Bears'. I have been creating teddy bears and friends since 1997, and live in central Wisconsin. I hope my creations warms your heart, puts a smile on your face, and give you a 'much needed hug', 

You can view my show listings and previous creations, and hopefully in the near future, available bears for adoption at:

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Cathy Knapp - Soft Sculpture Teddy Bear Artist

A Wisconsin artist, Cathy has been designing and making bears, mice, rabbits and cats since 1997. 
Cathy was an avid seamstress prior to making bears, but found her passion in designing and creating her delightful creatures. Cathy was nominated for a Golden Teddy Award after making her first self designed bear and has been hooked ever since. 
 She makes her creations from top quality mohair and synthetic fabrics and her piece range in size from 6” to 16” tall. Cathy only participates in 8 shows a year, including online shows.

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Donna Manthey - Teddy Bear and Fiber Artist
Donna  is a Wisconsin Artist whose love of bears and crafts sparked an interest in making and designing teddy bears and other creations beginning in 1985. She began selling bears, bunnies and hand puppets at local craft sales under the name of Bearily Pawsing to reflect the move from her professional job to fiber artist. It continues to reflect her balancing teddy bear and other fiber art creations with her professional job. 
Donna's creations reflect her love of creating using varied fibers and materials including mohair, synthetic fabrics along with wool roving for needle felting . The bears and critters come alive when the last detail, stitching the nose is done. Her use of specialty yarns, ribbons, beads and other accessories add to their personalities and uniqueness. 
You can view some of my previous creations and show listings at: or can be contacted at [email protected]

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Amy Thornton-Halloween and teddy bear artist

Amy is a Wisconsin teddy bear artist whose creations range from the traditional to the slightly quirky. Her love of Halloween and vintage looks influences much of her work. Her use of wool felt and color bring special detail to much of her work.
Mutz's Tootsz Teddy Bears and Buddies. Where Mohair Meets Mischief. I design and create unique teddy bears and their friends

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Silky Sordyl – Illinois fiber doll artist
One of a Kind Fiber Art

We moved from Germany to Illinois in 2012, when my husband accepted a job offer here. In 2014 I began felting figures which eventually evolved into the “Gieblinge”. The Gieblinge are little gnomes living deep underground, each one has a particular story which describe their line of work. I am self taught and enjoy the learning process and the challenge to bring my ideas to fruition. . For me, felting is relaxing and sparks my imagination.
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Johni Jacobsen –Illinois Artist - Teddy Bears and other critters 

“Since my childhood, I’ve been interested in art and it has led me down all kinds of creative paths. The journey from doll artist to teddy bear artist has been a natural progression. My hand-made, soft sculptured, hand painted faces are delighting collectors."Johni's  husband John and their loving children’s support Johni’s artistic talents.”
Susan Hoyt McCay – In Stitches Bears – Wisconsin Artist - miniature bears, dolls, pin keeps – antique accessories 

Susan has been designing and making bears and other creatures for 30 years. Susan makes miniatures which range from 5/8” to 3”. She designes all of her pieces to be sewn on the sewing machine. Susan creates patterns that lend themselves to the sewing machine. Susan now finds the challenge to be finding new fabrics and antique pieces to use with her work. Susan also loves to teach classes.
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​ Dale Crocker - Bear smith of Wicked Bear Fibers. 

Dale started making and designing bears 7 years ago. He worked in a local Knit shop, and was introduced to Isabella Hoffman, by a mutual friend. Dale had been knitting at the time for 30 years or so. Isabella had a white alpaca bear that was so cool. He could fit in your palm and his eyes looked into your soul, and said Hello!!! Dale was hooked. Isabella taught Dale to make bears under one condition, he must teach the love of bears to anyone elst who wanted to learn. So that is howWicked Bear Fibers came to be where Dale makes Wicked Bears from Wicked Fibers!!! Visit Dale at the  You can also sign up on his email list for new bear shows or announcements at [email protected]
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Kathi Pecor - Wisconsin Fiber Artist
Kathi has been making things for most of her life and settled into fiber arts many years ago. She started with quilts and dolls, then found teddy bears and spent several years creating them. 
Kathi then made a fateful visit to a Wisconsin fiber festival and fell in love with wool and all it's uses. She began spinning and felting and it grew from there. I've been needle felting dolls and animals these days while enjoying my retirement.

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Diane Baldus - Michigan Artist - Teddy bear related accessories

Diane learned the art of sewing from her Mama and both of her Grandmas.  Her Daddy taught her to always do her best.  Her first all-by-herself project was a bear, crudely hand-stitched from an orphaned stocking.  The year was 1052.

Diane's original designs are unique in character, sometimes whimsical, and more often than not, one of a kind.  To this Day, Diane prefers to hand-sew all of her creations using the finest materials.

Photos coming soon

Jan Johnston - Michigan artist - hand knitwear

Knitting has been my passion since I was 10 years old.  It was simple things at first but I gradually became more comfortable with my skills.  I have designed and knit teddy bear and doll sweaters, scarves, shawls, afghans and more.  I work part time for a local yarn shop where wonderful fibers are available.  I can't wait to share my passion with you.

Carol Bertram - Waukesha

I made my first bear at a Quilt store and from that day I was addicted to making bears. They have come in all shapes and sizes. I worked and taught at Teddy Bear Workshop to help support my habit. I also belonged to a doll group. Where the simplest of doll patterns changed into totally different creations. I once took a class from Eleonor Piece Bailey and my country doll turned out to Eleonor. My creating is great therapy from a full-time job. I have enjoyed sharing my bears and their friends with others. And enjoy meeting someone who tells me that the bears that they purchased from me make them smile.

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Elizabeth Goran (a.k.a. Mrs. Buttons) 

Elizabeth Goren has been creating all of her life. She loves to repurpose and use vintage objects in her work. Snowmen, ornaments, wool, buttons and floss are common “threads”that run through her work but her interests are diverse.
Lately she has put her own twist on Japanese stitching techniques to create jewelry and ornaments.

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Jennifer Angelo - Madison, WI

Jennifer creates handmade, natural-fiber garments using the felting technique called “nuno,” or “cloth” in Japanese. Fusing the softest Merino wool with hand-dyed silk, she designs unique fabrics and shapes them into lightweight scarves, wraps and other drapable pieces that convey a sense of tranquility and timelessness. Jennifer, who holds a doctorate in occupational therapy, was teaching in New Zealand when the prominence of sheep deepened her interest in fiber arts and prompted her to experiment with wool and study felting techniques with local and international artists. Today, she enjoys analyzing the interaction of colors and the effects of organic “sumi” ink, traditionally used in East Asian cultures for calligraphy and brush painting. Jennifer is based in Madison, Wisconsin.
Peggy Fleming - Iowa - Needle felting, Teddy Bears, soft sculpture
Peggy Fleming has been making collectable teddy bears and other soft sculptures for over 35 years. She has one of the oldest continuously active fiber artist websites on the internet at which is also home to her blog. After a busy career that took her all over the country and her creations all over the world, she worked full-time in the communications field, reducing her artistic endeavors to hobbyist status. Since her retirement from her day job in 2021, she has taken up her needle again. 

 Highlights of her fiber artist career include a TOBY award for her miniature mohair polar bear, Klondike in 1997. A version of this design was licensed to Bear Essentials, a division of Effanbee Dolls. Peggy designed for Effanbee for six years until it was sold in 2002. 
Peggy was also one of only 38 artists who were invited to exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC for their Centennial Celebration of the Teddy Bear.

Peggy is also part of a cooperative called Once Upon a Needle with fellow artists Terri Larson and Joel Hoy. They have been doing online gallery shows for many years and sometimes exhibit together at live shows. In addition to presenting their own individual designs, these three sometimes produce pieces that are designed and produced in a cooperative manner, each contributing to the design and production. 
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