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​An Intimate Gallery show to be held at 

 HAWS Campus (Humane Animal Welfare Society- a non profit, no kill shelter) 
701 Northview Rd, Waukesha, WI 53188

When: Sept 21, 2018 from (or 4 to 7pm) – by inviation -- Contact me if you would like to come on Friday evening

Sept 22, 2018 from 10am to 4:30pm – open to public - No Admission Charged

Each of the artists will donate one item to be raffled off over the weekend - all raffle proceeds to go to HAWS

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Participating Artists
Cathy Knapp - Tenderheart Teddies
A Wisconsin artist, Cathy has been designing and making bears, mice, rabbits and cats since 1997. 

 Cathy was an avid seamstress prior to making bears, but found her passion in designing and creating her delightful creatures. Cathy was nominated for a Golden Teddy Award after making her first self designed bear and has been hooked ever since. 

 She makes her creations from top quality mohair and synthetic fabrics and her piece range in size from 6” to 16” tall. Cathy only participates in 8 shows a year, including online shows.
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Martha Burch - Martha's Bears

Martha is a Wisconsin Artist who has been designing and making teddy bears, dogs, elephants and lots of other critters since 1984.

Martha loves the creative challenge involved in designing an making new things and considers each piece to be special.
Recently Martha has started to make Steam Punk styled Jewelry and fun little mice.

You will always find something unique at Martha's Table

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Amy Thornton - Mutz's Tootsz
Amy Thornton is a Wisconsin teddy bear artist whose creations range from the traditional to the slightly quirky. Her love of Halloween and vintage looks influences much of her work. Her use woolfelt and color bring special detail to much of her work.
Mutz's Tootsz Teddy Bears and Buddies. Where Mohair Meets Mischief. I design and create unique teddy bears and their friends
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Donna is a Wisconsin Artist whose love of bears and crafts sparked an interest in making and designing teddy bears and other creations beginning in 1985. She began selling bears, bunnies and hand puppets at local craft sales under the name of Bearily Pawsing to reflect the move from her professional job to fiber artist. It continues to reflect her balancing teddy bear and other fiber art creations with her professional job. 
Donna's creations reflect her love of creating using varied fibers and materials including mohair, synthetic fabrics along with wool roving for needle felting . The bears and critters come alive when the last detail, stitching the nose is done. Her use of specialty yarns, ribbons, beads and other accessories add to their personalities and uniqueness. 
You can view some of my previous creations and show listings at: or can be contacted at
Donna Manthey - Bearily Pawsing
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Pat Berkowitch - Babcock Bears
My love for sewing, arts and crafts has always been a large part of my life. So naturally, my drive for new challenges brought me into bear-making, under the name of 'Babcock Bears'. I have been creating teddy bears and friends since 1997, and live in central Wisconsin. I hope my creations warms your heart, puts a smile on your face, and give you a 'much needed hug', 

You can view my show listings and previous creations, and hopefully in the near future, available bears for adoption at:

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Peggy McChesney
​Since childhood art in one from or another has always been something I dabbled in, always trying new and different things, never sticking with one until I started collecting dolls. It has been 4 years into fulfilling my dream of designing and making my own dolls. I have no idea where this exciting journey will lead but I sure am going to enjoy it no matter it's path. 
If interested in knowing more about my creations please contact me at or view my Facebook page at Magical Moments and Memories OOAK Art Dolls and Bears.
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 I am a member of the WI Handweaver's Guild, Handweaver's Guild of America and recently joined the Madison Handweaver's Guild. Since 2014, I've organized the Common Thread's Fiber Group that meets monthly at the Waukesha Public Library. I participate in the Waukesha Farmer's Market and the Oconomowoc Winter Market. 

Most recently I am realizing my dream of having a studio. Lost Art Fiber and Textile Studio is open for classes and workshops. I am so excited to share my love of the fiber arts with others In addition to hand spinning yarn, knitting and weaving, I am also a quilter and I am inspired by color and texture especially those found in nature

Katelyn Westenberger - Tooth and Talon
Katelyn Westenberger is a self-taught multimedia nature artist based out of West Bend Wisconsin. She uses a combination of rotary wood carving and leather crafting techniques to create a wide variety of both wearable works of art and home display pieces. Every piece that she creates incorporates natural and organic elements which lend a wild magical and elven feel to her work.
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"Since I began photographing, over 12 years ago, I have been driven to create unique artistic images that redefine the normative views of photography while standing on the shoulders of the masters that created the medium. I believe the Photograph is a lasting and important medium with the ability to communicate ideas to current and future generation. My passion is to approach each photograph as an opportunity for an artistic creation, as well as a sacred document of life and the world around us."
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Susan Hoyt McCay - In Stitches miniature artist, antique accessories
Silke Sordyl - Fairyfelt by Siso
Illinois Artist - One Of A Kind Fiber Art
Peggy Fleming - Pleasant Ridge Collection
I've been primarily a teddy bear artist for the last 28 years or so. I traveled all over the country exhibiting at shows, won a TOBY award, and designed for Effanbee Doll Company for a few years.

Fifteen years ago, I went back to an office job and my bear making time was severely limited. I have managed to do one or two shows a year and donate some of my art to charitable fundraisers from time to time. I've also expanded my repertoire to include folk art pieces, make-dos, pin cushions, dolls, and things that employ wool applique, needle-felting, and counted cross stitch as well as mohair.
A favorite technique of mine is a play on the figural candy containers of bygone days. Handmade Art for the Home and Heart.
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Dale Crocker - Wicked Bear Fibers
Johni Jacobsen - Teddy Bears
“Since my childhood, I’ve been interested in art and it has led me down all kinds of creative paths. The journey from doll artist to teddy bear artist has been a natural progression. My hand-made, soft sculptured, hand painted faces are delighting collectors. Her husband John and their loving children’s support Johni’s artistic talents.”
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Susan has been creating her wonderful bears and other critters for 30 years. She specializes in miniatures which range in size from 5/8" to 3".  All of her work is designed by her and is sewn on a sewing machine.  Susan finds that the challenge today is to find new fabrics and antique pieces to use for her work.